Updated 8/15/18: This policy enables us to provide better Safety, Service, and Success to every individual that walks into the dojo.  

As a student at MAFF, you have the opportunity to invite your friends and family to come for a FREE trial class with the following requirements:

1. Your guest MUST be scheduled and confirmed in advance.  

2. You must attend with your guest.

3. Your guest must bring a photo ID and be a resident of Santa Barbara.

4. Your guest needs to be 15 minutes early and be prepared to stay for 15 minutes after.

5. Your guest must be trying this class for the very first time

Guest Drop-in FAQ

Why do I need to schedule my guest's trial class?

Great question!  We want your guests and students to be safe and well taken care!  Therefore, we have limited spots available in each class for new students.

What happens if my guest shows up without an appointment?

For safety reasons, no guest will be permitted to take class without an appointment.

Why do guests need to be Santa Barbara residents?

To provide excellent service, we have limited the amount of guest spots that are available in each class.  In order to grow our business and to build our community, we have reserved these spots for those who live in Santa Barbara.

What if I want to bring an out-of-town guest?

Out-of-town guests are welcome with a scheduled appointment and a few additional requirements:

1. Your out-of-town guest will need gloves and their class will not be free.

    Please ask about this rate when scheduling the class.

2. You will act as a coach for your guest throughout the class in order to help keep them safe.

What if I cannot attend with my guest?

We want your friend to have a great experience and that cannot happen with your presence.  If you cannot come with your guest, please schedule a better time for the both of you to come. 

What if my guest does not have a photo I.D.?

The main reason we need to see I.D. is to validate the name and age of the participant who is signing the waiver.  A Photo I.D. also helps us identify if a guest is a local Santa Barbara resident or not.  If your guest is new to the area, they can bring a utility bill with their name on it along with any form of I.D.

What if my guest cannot come early or stay late?

For the safety of our guests, we need time to go over how to properly kick and punch the bag before class.  After class, we like the chance to answer questions, find out how they liked the class, and have time to go over membership options for those who are interested.

Can my friend or family member come in anytime as a paid drop-in?

We no longer offer drop-in classes.  Please call us about current non-membership promotions.

What if my guest has taken a class at MAFF before?

We are happy when students return!  Unfortunately, this free class offer is not for them.  Students who have been to MAFF before know how great it is, and they can sign up for some type of paid trial or membership.