• Please sign into scheduled class at the Kiosk BEFORE class for your attendance records, even if you’re late.

  • Bowing is the customary greeting in the Martial Arts and is a sign of respect. Please bow upon entering and leaving the Dojo and the training mat, and when instructed to do so at the beginning and end of class.

  • During class, please address your Instructor as “Sir” or “Ma’am”.

  • Please be on time. If you are late, please remain by the mat edge until admitted by the Instructor.

  • Please do not use any bags, pads or other training equipment without the Instructor’s approval.

  • Martial Artists from this Dojo do not fight.  Self-defense is only used outside of the Dojo in legitimate self-defense situations.

  • Please don’t smoke, chew gum, or eat inside the Dojo. All drinks must be in closed containers with the lid on, kept off the training floor.

  • Please introduce yourself to any new people in class.

  • If you have brought a guest or visitor, please introduce them to the Instructor at the earliest opportunity.

  • Please don’t wear watches or jewelry during workouts, and keep your fingernails and toenails cut short for the safety of all students. You are responsible for your own personal property.

  • Please help keep the Dojo clean and orderly. Your shoes and belongings can be stored in the shelves provided off the training floor. 

  • Please keep your gi (uniform) and body clean.

  • If you have to wait after class for a ride, please show respect by doing so quietly.


  • The business office telephone is to be used for emergency calls only and always with permission. 

  • Please do not wiggle, fidget, fall down, or otherwise display undisciplined body language in class.


I am a Martial Artist.

I am building a strong body, a disciplined mind and a resilient spirit.

I care for myself so that I can help care for others.

I choose to uphold the tenets of my school, on and off the mat.





Self Control

Indomitable Spirit