This article lays out all the different type of Membership Options that we have for our Fitness Programs.  If you're curious as to what each class type is like, see our Fitness Class Descriptions.

Compare Fitness Memberships at MAFF

First Month Month-to-Month
6 Month Term 12 Month Term Prepay Option (2 free months)
Kickboxers Club



$109/mo $99/mo $1188 for 14 months
Bands Club





$1188 for 14 months

KUT Club





$1428 for 14 months



Compare Short Term Memberships at MAFF 

Membership Length

Amt of Classes




 After Program

9 Weeks

Unlimited $0 $399 No $50 off any Membership
Book of 12

3 Months

12 Total $0 $200 No Save money in a Membership

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