Downgrading Policies

Every Membership Type has a slightly different policy on the subject of downgrading.  See below.

 Agreement Type 

   Notice Required 

 Service Fee 


Prepaid Agreement

 None None

No refunds, nor credits

Term Agreement

 30 Days (Proper Notice)


No downgrades from Martial Arts to just Fitness

Month-to-Month Agreement

 30 Days (Proper Notice)



Possible Tuition Savings

If you've found that you're not taking advantage of your full membership, below are a few ways that you might possibly save on your tuition.

 Downgrading From 

 Downgrading To 

 Tuition Difference 

 KUT Club  Kickboxers Club  Up to $20 less*
 KUT Club  Bands Club  Up to $20 less*

 Adult Martial Arts Plus

 Adult Martial Arts

 Up to $40 less*

 Youth Martial Arts Plus  Youth Martial Arts  Up to $20 less*
 Dragons Plus  Dragons  Up to $20 less*

*Note: Downgrading savings are based on our current prices.  Therefore, if our prices have gone up since you originally enrolled, you may not save any money by downgrading.

Downgrading FAQs


  • Why is there a service fee to downgrade in a Term Agreement?

    This small service fee allows us to give you the freedom to upgrade & downgrade your membership without adding any additional time commitment to your Term Agreement.  It also covers the time that it takes our team to go in to manually adjust your membership billing.


  • Why can't I downgrade from a Martial Arts program to a Fitness program in a Term Agreement?

    We treat this membership change to be an actual cancelation as opposed to a simple downgrade.  Se
    e our Cancelation Policy for more information on this.