Alternative Solutions

Are you considering cancelling because of something that we may be able to fix?  Please consider exploring the solutions below before canceling:

Your Agreement

Our cancellation policy varies slightly depending on which Membership Agreement you have.  Note the differences below:

 Agreement Type   Notice Required to Cancel

 Cancellation Fee 

Big Reason not to Cancel

Prepaid Agreement
 None. But please let us know.


You paid for time that you cannot use nor be refunded.
Term Agreement
 30 Days (Proper Notice).

25% of Remaining Balance.

The more time there is left, the higher the fee will be.
Month-to-Month Agreement
 30 Days (Proper Notice).


Paying the Enrollment Fee if you sign up again later.

Instructions to Cancel

Very important: Please give us Proper Notice with your request in writing to You'll receive a receipt with instructions and we'll get started on helping you within the week.