Below you'll find out when and how to make any of the following changes:

How to Contact Us Regarding Billing Changes

As mentioned in your Membership Agreement, we ask that everything be done with what we've called Proper Notice, which is:

  • In written form so that your request is officially on record.

  • Given to us with 30 days advance notice of your requested change.
  • Sent via one of the following methods:
    • Email to or
    • Certified Mail to MAFF / 122 E. Gutierrez St. / Santa Barbara, Ca 93101
  • Delivered successfully with a receipt given to you.
    • When you email us at the above address, you are given an automatic reply so that you know we got it okay.
    • When you send through Certified Mail, you receive a receipt proving that you sent it.

Why We Ask for 30 Days Notice
  • We have 1 day a week dedicated to handling Billing issues and we want to make sure your request is handled correctly.
  • The banks take a few days to handle requests.
  • If you send through the mail, we want to make sure that it has time arrive.
  • Our Billing Software requires everything to be scheduled in advance.
  • We want to have an accurate forecast of what is going on in the next month.
  • We are dedicated to keeping our word and handling each situation with care.