Most of the families training with us are in some sort of Term Agreement Membership, because they give the best results and the best possibly membership prices.

What is a Term Agreement?

  • A Term Agreement is a signed contract agreeing to pay for a program for a certain amount of time.  For example, you might sign up your son for a 6 month program, 12 month program, or longer.  

  • Each Term Agreement begins with a Registration Fee which is different for each program, and continues with monthly billing, amounting to less than what one would pay with a Month-to-Month Membership Option.

  • Each finishes rolling over into a month-to-month agreement, similar to your mobile phone bill.  In other words, once your specified number of months is up, you will have uninterrupted training at that same rate for as long as you want and can cancel anytime with Proper Notice.

  • Each has a specified policy for Travel Time Credit, Medical Freezes, and Cancellation Policies.

4 Amazing Reasons to Commit to a Long Term Agreement

  1. Better Results  - As it says on our wall, "Consistency Over Time = Results".  Enough said?

  2. Life Change - Looking to make the necessary changes in your life?  Keep coming and watch the transformation!

  3. Experience Community - Get to know the Instructors and fellow classmates.  It's better than that show "Cheers" in here!

  4. Lower Tuition Cost - The longer you commit, the less it costs!

  5. Opportunity to Practice Goal Setting - This is especially true with the kids!

Examples of Term Agreements

Term Agreement Registration

During Term Monthly

After Term Agreement After Term Monthly
Sample Program (option A) 6 Months $80




Sample Program (option B) 12 Months