Interested in saving a bit of money?  You may consider prepaying your membership in full.

How Are Prepays Calculated?

We take your desired program's monthly tuition and multiply it by the total number of months in the agreement.  We then add on your registration fee (unless you are re-enrolling without lapse).  Pretty easy, right?

How Do Prepays Save Money?

For every 6 months in your agreement that you have prepaid, our system will add on an additional FREE Super Month on the end of your agreement.  Below are a few examples:

  • Our 6 Months Little Ninja Program would end up being 7 months.
  • Our 12 Month Kickboxing Program would end up being 14 months.

What are Super Months?

A Super Month is essentially a free month where you can try any of our programs.  Curious about our more traditional Self Defense based Martial Art classes?  Hop in.  Small Print: Some classes require a certain age or rank, so ask the front desk about what classes would be open to you.

What Happens After it's Over?

After your Prepay and your Super Months are over, you will have no membership.  If you're interested in continuing, make sure to sign up for an Ongoing Membership before yours expires in order to avoid paying the registration fee again.