Are you unable to train because of you're going out of town?  Below current policy which you would likely find as part of your membership agreement:

VACATIONS & TIME CREDIT: There are no membership holds for any circumstance other than a medical disability. If the Student has an upcoming absence of (1) month or more and the Student is able to give MAFF Proper Notice, the Student will be credited time respectively. In other words, with Proper Notice, the time missed will be added onto the end of the Student's agreement without additional charge. There is no time credit nor tuition credit given for past classes missed.

What does that mean exactly?


Since we're not examining your entire membership agreement in this article, let's break it down a bit more with some of the definitions that may not be clear enough in the excerpt above.

  • Medical Disability = injured or sick enough that you're unable to continue training.  See more on that here: Medical Freeze Policy
  • Absence of 1 Month or more = no less than 4 weeks of absence during your membership agreement.
  • Proper Notice = 30 days written notice in advance of your next billing date.  Written to or delivered by certified mail.  More about Proper Notice.
  • Time missed will be added onto the end of the Student's agreement = The unused membership time that was previously paid for (aka Time Credit) will be honored after the Student's membership is over.

What about for Month-to-Month agreements?

We can pause or cancel a Month-to-Month Membership at anytime with Proper Notice.  Read more about this flexible type of membership here: Month-to-Month Membership Options.

Example #1 - "I'm going on Vacation this Summer"

A woman signs up for 12 months of Kickboxing on January 1st.  She decides in April that she'll be going on vacation from June 1st until July 15th.  She immediately writes us an email letting us know of her travel plans.  Her tuition keeps billing (June 1st and July 1st), but we put the 6 weeks that she missed onto the end of her agreement as a time credit.  Her last payment is December 1st and she is able to train up until February 15th at no additional charge.

If her vacation plans change, she sends another email and we adjust the time credit accordingly.

Example #2 - "I forgot to mention that I was going on Vacation"

A man signs up for 6 months of Kickboxing on January 1st and is paying monthly.  He stops coming on April 1st, and we don't hear back from him until May 1st.  All the while, his monthly tuition has been automatically charging.  He then says "Oh, I've been on vacation for the last 2 months."  We are unable to refund him for that time lost, and we're unable to give him a time credit.

Example #3 - "I'm going out of town for a few weeks"

A child signs up for 12 months of Martial Arts training.  His parents have 2 weeks off for vacation and they are going somewhere as a family.  Even with Proper Notice, we would not stop billing nor extend membership dates for this student.  However, we may offer a free private lesson or semi-private lesson to get the student caught up on the training missed.