Are you unable to train because of prolonged sickness or an injury?  This is our current policy which you would most likely find as part of your membership agreement:

MEDICAL FREEZE: If the Student becomes disabled for (1) month or more during the agreement term and that disability is confirmed in writing by a physician, the Student's membership payments and service will be suspended from the time MAFF is given Proper Notice until the physician's recommended date of return.

What does that mean exactly?

Since we're not examining your entire membership agreement in this article, let's break it down a bit more with some of the definitions that may not be clear enough in the excerpt above.

  • Disabled = injured or sick enough that you're unable to continue training.
  • 1 Month during an agreement term = no less than 4 weeks recovery time during the amount of time as specified by your membership agreement.
  • Confirmed in writing by a physician = We need a legit doctor's note.
  • Proper Notice = 30 days written notice in advance of your next billing date.  Written to or delivered by certified mail.  More about Proper Notice.
  • Date of return = the month, day, and year that your doctor says you will be able to return to your training.  Also known as the Comeback Date.

Note: despite the 30 days notice required, we do our best to make Medical Freezes a priority, and can usually stop billing within 2 weeks.  If your payment does go through within the 30 days of you giving us Proper Notice, we can credit the time that you've paid for, but we do not give refunds of any such payments.

What if you're not sick or injured?

Example #1 - "Please hold my membership until I'm healed"

A woman signs up for 12 months of Kickboxing on January 5th.  She sprains her wrist on May 1st.  Her May payment automatically goes through on May 5th.  She sends us an email on May 3rd when with a doctor's note that says she'll be out for 3 months.  We freeze her membership from May 1st until August 1st.  Assuming that we were not able to stop the May 5th payment in time, her first month back will already be paid for when she returns in August. 

If her wrist doesn't heal as expected, the student sends us another email and we extend the membership according to her doctor's recommendation.  When she starts training again, she completes her 12 month agreement like she would have done normally.  Her 12 months has extended into April instead of January.  

Example #2 - "I forgot to mention that I was injured / sick"

A man signs up for 12 months of Kickboxing on January 1st and is paying monthly.  He stops coming in June, and we don't hear back from him until August.  He says "Oh, I've been sick the last 3 months - unable to train."  Whether he is or isn't able to provide a doctor's note to back this up, we are unable to refund for those months.  However, if he does have genuine documentation, we may be able to credit the time he missed on to the end of his agreement.  We call that a TiCredit.

Example #3 - "I missed a few days because of sickness"

A child signs up for 12 months of Martial Arts training.  He develops the flu and is out of school for 2 weeks, and unable to train.  Even with a doctor's note, we would not stop billing or extend membership dates for this student.  However, we may offer additional classes, a free private lesson, or a free semi-private lesson to get the student caught up on the training missed.

Example #4 - "I didn't come back when I said I would" 

Let's imagine that the woman in Example #1 is unable to come back after recovering from her injury, and she has failed to notify us via Proper Notice.  She will be continually charged starting from her Comeback Date according to her membership agreement.  Our billing system is automatic and can only do what we have set it up to do.  All medical holds are assigned a Comeback Date to start charging again, and we must change the date if the date has changed.  Always keep in contact with us regarding these matters.

On the other hand, if she recovered more quickly without communication, she would not be able to log in for class until she let us know and we restarted her membership.